Industrial Floor Mats

Neotech PolymersA�offers durable and functional industrial mats that are designed to improve factory and warehouse floors. Our industrial matting is specifically designed to provide great anti-fatigue qualities that will help keep employees comfortable and therefore more efficient and better aware of their surroundings. Among some of the materials we use for our mats are synthetic, recycled, and natural rubbersa��which provide our products with a naturally high coefficient of friction. Often, this natural friction is paired with richly textured surfaces, which add excellent traction and grip to our matting making it an excellent slip-resistant surface. The supple and elastic surface of our industrial mats also offers great subfloor and equipment protection. And when it comes to pricea��our products cannot be beat. An industrial mat is a cost-effective product that is easy to install and which offers great durability.

Use our industrial matting wherever safety is a concern! In environments that see excessive moisture, our water-resistant mats will help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. The supple and supportive quality of our industrial mats will aid in combating fatigue and will protect people from paina��specifically from standing for prolonged periods of time. Placing an industrial mat in any area where employees have to stand, such as work stations and along assembly lines, will help relieve tired feet, ankles, and legs. Meanwhile, the added comfort will help keep workers efficient and productive.