Coir Door Mats

SLIDER3Coir mats are an all-natural, generally eco-friendly alternative to other types of doormats. They are offered in many styles and all of them have the same great functions and features. Coir doormats are meant to match the dA�cor of your home, and can enhance its beauty, or add to its whimsy, or humor. These mats are also called coco mats. They are often eco-friendly because the mats are made from an all-natural material called coir.

Coir comes from the husks of coconuts, which are stripped and then made into coir mats. This coir material is very durable and has been used for many centuries. There are many uses and applications of coir, included but not limited to making coir doormats, flooring, rope, and cordage. It is a great product because it is a sustainable, renewable resource. Some of the coir mats come with a rubber or PVC backing. The backings give the coco mats more form, and help protect floors from scratches since coir can be abrasive to wood and other types of flooring susceptible to scrape marks


Coir mats help keep the inside of your house clean by keeping dirt outside on the mat. They attract dirt when you step on them or scrape your shoes against them. The rough fibers in coir doormats do an excellent job at trapping the dirt and holding it in. The mats with the rubber a�?cast irona�? design around them may be beautiful, but also serve a purposea��they filter out pebbles, gravel, water, and sand. Shoes can often carry harmful bacteria and mold spores that get picked up from the ground outdoors. Coco mats do not encourage the growth of bacteria or mold, and thus can contribute to the health of the members of your home. Furthermore, coir mats are very easy to clean and are water-resistant. You can just shake the mat off or hose it down with water.

Coir mats are the premier type of doormat. They are made of ecofriendly coir material and are beneficial to the environment because they use a renewable, sustainable, natural resource. Coir doormats can enhance the dA�cor of your home because there are many styles to choose from to match your theme. They can be elegant, whimsical, or humorous. Coco mats are very easy to clean by shaking them off or hosing them down. They are water resistant and do not allow bacteria or mold to grow on them. They help keep dirt outdoors, thus keeping your home cleaner on the inside. Some mats have a a�?cast irona�? design, which serves not only an aesthetical purpose, but also to drain out water, and filter small rocks or pebbles. The many benefits to the health of both people and the environment make coir mats a wonderful choice for your home.

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